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SanEd consulting is an IT training company which initiated its services in 2005 primarily as Sun Microsystem's authorised training provider. Our training portfolio was Solaris and Java focused. Later on we upgraded our portfolio and included authorisations from Veritas / Symantec and Oracle after aquisition of Sun. 

As the global IT market is rapidly changing and developing we must have accepted its needs and trends. Thus, beginning of 2014 we decided to "refurbish" our services and included new, young and perspective partners and together prepared number of interesting trainings you can find in our catalogue.

We are looking forward to successful cooperation with you.

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New Trends in Solaris 11

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This course is intended for Solaris 10 Administrators who wish to quickly get up to speed with the new features of Solaris 11. It covers all the major new facilities, in a workshop environment, providing extensive hands-on practicals.

This course provides preparation for the Upgrade to Solaris 11 Systems Administrator (1Z0-820) exam.


Training days

5 days



This course is only suitable for experienced Solaris 10 administrators.


Course content


Introduction to the new Solaris 11 operating system changes and enhancements

Considerations for a transition from Solaris 10 to 11

Solaris 11 Installations

  • Preparations for installation.
  • Overview of install methods.
  • Installation using the interactive installer (SPARC and Intel).
  • Installation with AI media (automated installer) (SPARC and Intel).
  • Using AI media for troubleshooting, etc.
  • Automated network installs, and how to migrate Solaris 10 Jumpstart rules, sysidcfg and profiles.
  • The distribution constructor.

Software Management

  • Overview of the IPS( Image Package System).
  • Using basic pkg commands to list packages and packages information.
  • Installing, verifying, fixing and removing packages.
  • Package group managemnt.
  • Using the packagmanager GUI.
  • IPS repository management, including the creation and use of local release and support repositories.

Manage Boot Environments

  • Boot environments in Solaris 11 compared to Live Upgrade in Solaris 10.
  • Managing BE's with beadm.
  • BE's and IPS - how they interact.

Changes in Zones

  • Overview of new zone features.
  • Creating and managing zones.
  • Creating a branded Solaris 10 zone, including p2v and v2v conversions.
  • NFS server now supported in a non-global zone.
  • Read-only zones.

Network Features and Changes

  • Day-to-day network configuration and management changes/enhancements.
  • The new ipadm and enhanced dladm command.
  • The new network virtualisation features.
  • Network Auto-Magic (NWAM).
  • Implement IPMP (Internet Protocol Multi-Pathing).
  • Use network resource controls and network bridges.
  • ipadm and IPv6.

Disk Storage Enhancements

  • Overview of the new and changed features.
  • ZFS deduplication.
  • ZFS snapshot changes.
  • ZFS zpool split - the ability to split a mirror from a pool, then import it.
  • ZFS shadow migration.
  • Describe the COMSTAR (COmmon Multiprotocol Scsi TARget) framework.
  • Implement iSCSI including target and initiator systems.

System Security New Features and Changes

  • Overview of the new security features.
  • Configure data encryption, and create an encrypted file system.
  • System integrity using the Basic Audit Reporting Tool (BART), including report customisation.


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