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SanEd consulting is an IT training company which initiated its services in 2005 primarily as Sun Microsystem's authorised training provider. Our training portfolio was Solaris and Java focused. Later on we upgraded our portfolio and included authorisations from Veritas / Symantec and Oracle after aquisition of Sun. 

As the global IT market is rapidly changing and developing we must have accepted its needs and trends. Thus, beginning of 2014 we decided to "refurbish" our services and included new, young and perspective partners and together prepared number of interesting trainings you can find in our catalogue.

We are looking forward to successful cooperation with you.

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PRINCE2 Foundation

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The course provides a comprehensive introduction to project management methodology PRINCE2.
PRINCE2 is an internationally recognized set of recommended management practices of various large projects built on years of collecting experience from various companies on different sizes and in different countries.


Training days

3 days


Who can benefit

Managers and specialists involved in the project
Project manager and project offices


Skills gained

Understanding the basics of PRINCE2
Understanding the basic terminology , principles , and processes of individual topics
Understanding the benefits of the implementation of project management based on PRINCE2
Preparing for the certification exam


Course content


  • What is a project and its characteristics
  • What is project management
  • Benefits of Project Management
  • Customizing Project Management

The principles of project management

  • Alignment with the requirements of the organizations
  • Learning from experience
  • Defining roles and responsibilities
  • Management by Phase
  • Management by exception
  • Focus on results
  • Customizing the requirements of the organization and project

Topics Project Management

  • Business case
  • Organization
  • Quality
  • Planning
  • Risks
  • Changes
  • Tracking progress

The processes of project management

  • Starting the project
  • Routing project
  • Initiation of the project
  • Management phases of the project
  • Monitoring phases of the project
  • Management of creating products
  • Completion of the project

Tools Project Management

  • Templates
  • Software

Examples of certification issues


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