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SanEd consulting is an IT training company which initiated its services in 2005 primarily as Sun Microsystem's authorised training provider. Our training portfolio was Solaris and Java focused. Later on we upgraded our portfolio and included authorisations from Veritas / Symantec and Oracle after aquisition of Sun. 

As the global IT market is rapidly changing and developing we must have accepted its needs and trends. Thus, beginning of 2014 we decided to "refurbish" our services and included new, young and perspective partners and together prepared number of interesting trainings you can find in our catalogue.

We are looking forward to successful cooperation with you.

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How to defend against social engineering attacks?

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Social engineering threads are rather complex and interfere with area security, information security and business relations. Content is intended to best inform the management about existing threads and defense possibilities but does not go deep into technical details and solutions.



3 hours


Training structure:

•    Social engineering definition and who profits from social engineering attacks?
•    Types of attacks
•    Business risks, consequences
•    Why do they attack?
•    Why social engineering works?
•    Psychology of convincing
•    Industrial espionage
•    Technological social engineering
 ◦    Fake e-mail
 ◦    Phone calls
 ◦    Phishing
 ◦    Social networks
 ◦    Road Apples
 ◦    Fake WIFI APs
•    Why not only technologies?
•    What is a risk mitigation, why is it necessary to pay extra attention to some risks?
•    Tradeoff between security and users comfort
•    How do „black hats“ do it?
•    Basic attack components (and how to detect them)
•    How is it possible to gain access to a building
 ◦    Pretexting, ID cards
 ◦    Tailgating
 ◦    Garage and less secure places
 ◦    Authority
•    How do attackers mine information from phone calls?
•    How to prevent the attack: ENISA Checklist: LIST
•    Other resources, reading list


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