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SanEd consulting is an IT training company which initiated its services in 2005 primarily as Sun Microsystem's authorised training provider. Our training portfolio was Solaris and Java focused. Later on we upgraded our portfolio and included authorisations from Veritas / Symantec and Oracle after aquisition of Sun. 

As the global IT market is rapidly changing and developing we must have accepted its needs and trends. Thus, beginning of 2014 we decided to "refurbish" our services and included new, young and perspective partners and together prepared number of interesting trainings you can find in our catalogue.

We are looking forward to successful cooperation with you.

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MidPoint Identity Manager Administration Essentials

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This course is intended for identity management system administrators and/or system integrators who will deploy and administer MidPoint Identity Manager.


Training days

3 days



To fully succeed in this course, students should have:
• Experience performing basic system administration such as installing applications (Windows or Linux environment)
• Some experience with database concepts and administration
• Experience deploying Java web applications is recommended
• Previous experience with eXtensible Markup Language (XML) is highly recommended
• Previous experience with concepts of user provisioning is welcome


Skills gained

Upon completion of this course you should be able to:
• Install MidPoint Identity Manager
• Navigate through MidPoint IDM interface
• Understand core XML configuration objects
• Import resource configuration from XML configuration file
• Update resource configuration
• Provision, reprovision and deprovision user accounts
• Synchronize accounts between authoritative source and target resource using LiveSync and Reconciliation concepts
• Use basic reporting
• Configure logging and tracing
• Troubleshoot major problems


Course content


Day 1

  • User Provisioning Introduction
  • MidPoint IDM Concepts Introduction
  • MidPoint IDM Installation
  • Basic midPoint IDM Navigation
  • midPoint XML Schema Essentials


Day 2

  • Connecting to Resources
  • Users, Resources and Accounts
  • User Administration
  • Resource administration
  • User Provisioning


Day 3

  • Synchronization and Reconciliation
  • Basic Reporting
  • Logging and Tracing
  • Troubleshooting introduction


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